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The company was formed in 1982 as a sourcing office for various textile mills in Nigeria and the Middle East. We employ Mr Fawzi Haffar - MD fifteen full time and part time staff who are mainly involved in procuring and locating the various raw materials and commodities used at our customers textile mills in Nigerian and Egypt . The company started its operation from a small office in Manchester and has moved to larger premises. We now own 13,000 square feet bonded warehouse close to the Motorway system near Manchester International Airport. We also rent space at three large distribution warehouses in the centre of the UK to deliver yarns to our clients in various area of the United Kingdom.

Over the past few years, our efficient procurement program meant that our prices were also very competitive in the UK.  The opportunity arose to market in the UK and we decided to diversify from our present customer base.  We started in a marketing program that has now put our name at a good level with regards to the UK's main textile raw material merchants/agents. This was also a positive step for our company since it lowered our risk as far as dealing and relying on Nigeria and the Middle East and North Africaa. Nigeria now accounts for only 30% of our income and the other 70% is broken down into countries such as Egypt, Kuwait, Tunisia, Italy, Ghana, USA, of course the United Kingdom, which has the largest share, we do also sell to some areas in the Arabia Gulf.

The firm was set up by Mr F.M.Haffar who is the CEO and Mrs O.Haffar who is a non-executive director and secretary of the company. Mr F.M.Haffar holds his Chartered Textile Technology certificate from the Bolton Institute of Technology. His experience over the past 30 years has led to the company prosperity. Mr F.M.Haffar is also a director and chairman of other companies based in the UK

Mr Haffar leads an effective experienced team of personnel at the company.  Mr Haffar is the major buyer for all our textile concerns worldwide and is out of the UK on regular basis.

The firm deals in all aspects of raw materials for textile manufacturing and processing. We buy a substantial amount of raw materials for several textile firms in Nigeria, Ghana, Tunisia and other developing countries. We also deal with miscellaneous items as discussed above. Our countries of supply range from Mexico to Madagascar and from the USA to UAE. We also deal with China, Brazil, India and others.

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